Today is Latina Equal Pay Day

  • 8 December 2022
Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, marking how far into 2022 the average Latina must work to earn what their white male counterparts earned in 2021 alone.

The gap is widening. Through a combination of collective action, union contracts and public policy, we can and must ensure equal pay for equal work.

Tell Your Senators: Fully Fund the NLRB

  • 7 December 2022
Tell Your Senators: Fully Fund the NLRB

Funding for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has stayed flat since 2014 — an effective decrease of 25 percent when accounting for inflation. The agency's $94 million budgetary shortfall is severely impacting the NLRB's ability to conduct its important work to protect workers' rights.

At a time when workers are organizing in record numbers, ensuring the NLRB has the funding to meet the moment is critical. The NLRB is the bedrock of our labor relations system. No other agency in the U.S. government is as important when it comes to protecting and expanding workers' rights. 

Can you take a moment to tell your senators to FULLY FUND the NLRB?

PATPA Press Release

  • 6 December 2022

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6, 2022 - Americans will soon start gathering their receipts and documents to prepare their taxes, and entertainment workers anticipate owing unnecessarily burdensome amounts in taxes because they are unable to deduct required work expenses. In a letter sent today, unions of entertainment workers affiliated with the Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO (DPE) call on Congress to restore tax fairness for these middle-class creative professionals by passing the bipartisan Performing Artist Tax Parity Act (PATPA), S. 2872/H.R. 4750. 

“Entertainment workers should not be punished by the tax code for seeking employment,” said DPE President Jennifer Dorning. “We urge Congress to fix this problem by passing the bipartisan Performing Artist Tax Parity Act.”

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