Need a Union?

Every worker deserves that much along with decent compensation and a safe and healthy work environment. By joining together with your co-workers you can build an employee organization that gives you a real say over your job, puts you on more equal footing with your employer and ensures a better economic future for you and your co-workers.

Your right to form a union is protected by long-standing U.S. labor laws. While most employers use all kinds of excuses why unions aren’t needed and put up challenges to block organizing efforts, workers succeed every day in building powerful employee organizations.

OPEIU can provide you and your co-workers with the tools and support needed to organize a union where you work. You can click on the links below to help you get started or contact OPEIU at 1-800-346-7348 or Contact Us Here.

1. Talk to Co-workers/Gather Information
What issues do you care most about? Any common themes? Do other co-workers share your interest in exploring forming a union? Contact us for help getting started.
2. Form an Organizing Committee of Representative Co-Workers
The Organizing Committee educates co-workers about the benefits of unionizing and your rights under the law, motivates others to take action with confidence, identifies common workplace concerns and helps plan how to build a strong union.
3. Build Majority Support
Once your Organizing Committee is in place and you have a good plan, you’re ready to take action and make your campaign public by talking to all of your co-workers to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be involved. Cards or petitions are signed to show support for having a union.
4. Make Your Union “Official”
Now you can ask your employer to voluntary recognize your union or you can request the National Labor Relations Board to hold a secret ballot election.
5. Win a Strong Contract

Once your union is official, you and your co-workers will negotiate a legally binding contract with your employer that puts in writing all terms of employment. When negotiations are over you vote to approve the contract.

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​The Office and Professional Employees International Union was chartered in 1945 and​, with more than ​90,000 members, we’re one of the larger unions of the AFL-CIO. OPEIU has locals ​throughout the United States and Canada.

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