Step 8—Assess the Campaign
Step 8 entails helping the Organizing Committee to make a hardcore assessment of the campaign to determine the likelihood of success.  Facts don’t lie and it’s best to be educated on how to give the campaign a fair assessment.   Here are some basic guidelines to consider:


What are the issues?  Are the issues strong enough to campaign around?  Are they deep and widely felt and can be addressed through collective action and union representation? 


Is the database completed in all or most areas? Using a database ensures your data will be manageable and more accurate. Have you completed the ground work in gathering information in Step 2?

Committee/Committee Helpers/Key People

Does the Organizing Committee represent 10% or more of the group?  Are committee/key people distributed in all departments and at each location?  Is the Organizing Committee taking ownership and running the campaign?

Personal Contact

Is personal contact being made to every employee?  

Union Ratings

Has the support level for every employee been assessed using rating system agreed to by the Organizing Committee?  

Card/Petition Signers

 Are the total card signers at 65% or better and has each person been recently assessed for support? 


How long has the campaign been going on (i.e. 6 months, a year?) Is momentum building?  Is turnover an issue? 

Employer Campaign

Has the Organizing Committee prepared co-workers for what to expect from the employer campaign? 

Community/Media/Area Opinion

Is the employer sensitive to public opinion?  Have labor, religious, or community leaders been identified to help provide support?  

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