Evaluate the Organizing Target

Step 1 in building any local union’s successful organizing program requires conducting a thorough and honest evaluation of the organizing target or lead. Jumping on a “hot shop” lead, where workers appear ready to organize immediately, spells disaster if you can’t affirmatively answer most of the 15 questions on this list. Organizing strategically requires being able to answer these questions before committing to a campaign.

A Successful Campaign?
15 Key Questions.

Is this lead like other groups represented by any OPEIU local unions in the region and/or in an industry that will strengthen bargaining power for existing members? No
Is the group in an industry with strong, union standard contracts and where there are potential workplace contacts to outreach to non-union employees? No
Is there good potential for negotiating a first contract with resources available to provide ongoing support? No
Is there potential to lead to further organizing within the organization or industry and is there is a long-range plan to achieve this? No
Is the employer a not-for-profit or public sector and/or is vulnerable to community or political pressure with strategic leverage possibilities or is there a potential for partnering around larger social issues? Employer’s history of labor relations, if any, should be considered. No
Is the workplace reasonably accessible and can employees be easily contacted and/or contact each other? No
Is there the potential of partnering with another union for added strength? There should be no jurisdictional issues with other unions. No
Does the size of the unit match the resources available at the local union? No
Is the organization locally or regionally based where jobs are unlikely to be outsourced or relocated?  No
Are workplace issues deep and widely felt and can they be addressed through collective action and union representation? No
Is the target an industry where building union density could make a real difference in people’s lives and help advance social and economic justice on a broader scale? No
Is it possible to get a neutrality agreement or a card check? No
Is there a core group of strong leaders committed to taking progressively bold action steps to advance their campaign? No
Do we have members who work in this industry and might have contacts? Do we have contacts or potential contacts at this target? No
Do local union leaders and members support the organizing efforts and are they willing to help with the campaign at all levels?  No



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