Step 4: Plan the Campaign
While the planning of the Organizing Campaign really begins simultaneous with Step 1, it’s not until a functioning Organizing Committee is in place that a plan can be fully realized. At this point, the workers must truly own the campaign and begin to build a workplace union. The plan should provide the blueprint and vision for what can be achieved.

Every campaign is different and it’s important that the Organizing Committee shape the plan to fit their workplace. The lead organizer, working with the Organizing Committee, will be constantly updating and utilizing a campaign calendar which will take these 20 questions into account:

    • When does the campaign become public?
    • How do we “announce” the campaign?
    • Do we sign a petition or use authorization cards?
    • Will we ask for voluntary recognition or make a demand for recognition?
    • How will we measure support in this campaign?
    • What kind of literature will we want to distribute and when?
    • What are the weak points of our campaign and how do we overcome them?
    • What are the strengths of our campaign and how do we maximize them?
    • How will we best reach workers? Home visits, phone calls, at work?
    • Do we want to have an ongoing regular union update or newsletter during the campaign?
    • How can we maximize technology i.e. email, website, texting, social media?
    • What’s our timeline for getting cards signed and filing a petition?
    • What kind of buttons and other materials will we need to order?
    • Who among our current members can we depend on to outreach to this new group?
    • Will we want to involve the press? If so, who from the group will be our campaign spokespeople? 
    • Do we want to plan social events into the campaign i.e. picnic?
    • What role will our staff and stewards play?
    • What are the action steps each week and who’s responsible?
    • Who among community, political, religious, labor leaders can we count on for support and how can we best utilize our allies and coalition partners?
    • What is the tone and message of our campaign?

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