Help Stop Anti-Worker Legislation in Michigan!

  • 6 December 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

This morning, Senate Republicans are taking testimony on a last minute bill in the Lame Duck session that would require workers to repeatedly vote to stay in their union. This so-called “recertification” legislation serves only one purpose: to keep unions distracted with costly recertification elections, undermining the ability of the union to represent our members under the terms negotiated under our collective bargaining process.

We must stop their efforts to fast track this legislation.

Special Savings on Travel and Entertainment

  • 3 December 2018
Save on your next holiday getaway – just for being union. Union members get special savings on travel and entertainment:

Marriott Data Breach Means 500 Million People’s Personal Information Is At Risk

  • 30 November 2018
Attention OPEIU Members: Marriott Data Breach Means 500 Million People’s Personal Information Is At Risk

Here’s What All OPEIU Members Can Do to Help Protect Themselves:

Today’s announcement of a data breach at Marriott International Hotels and its Starwood reservation system means that 500 million guests’ personal information going back to 2014 – including names, dates of birth and passport numbers – could have been exposed. Hackers also obtained encrypted credit card information for some users, but it’s still unclear if they can use it.

Don’t take any chances. Protect yourself by taking the following steps today:

Enroll today in OPEIU’s Identity Protection Program – sign up at or by calling 855-990-0994. This program is FREE to all OPEIU members.
Change your passwords immediately – change both your Marriott and Starwood account passwords.
If you are a victim of identity theft through this data breach or any other, reach out to your recovery specialist team at InfoArmor. The trained experts at InfoArmor will help you restore your identity as best as possible to what it was before the incident. This can save you hundreds of hours of your own time and productivity. It can also save you money.

Sign up today at or by calling 855-990-0994. Canadian members can contact Generali Global Assistance at 866-295-7966.
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