Identity Protection

OPEIU is pleased to offer an identity protection benefit free for all members and your family living in the same household.

All OPEIU members have a proactive, comprehensive defense against identity theft, all at no cost to you.

OPEIU has contracted one of the nation’s leading identity protection solutions, IdentityIQ (IDIQ), to protect members against this $16 billion crime that impacted almost 15.4 million Americans last year.

OPEIU’s Identity Protection Program Features

It’s important that all OPEIU members sign up as soon as possible with OPEIU’s identity protection provider, IDIQ, to ensure you receive all benefits available. To activate the following benefits, sign up immediately at You can also activate by calling 800-637-5680. Don’t delay; activate your benefits today.

If you do become a victim of identity fraud, IDIQ’s trained experts will help you to restore your identity as best as possible to what it was before the incident. This can save you hundreds of hours of your own time and productivity. It can also save you money!

Your complimentary identity theft protection plan includes:

  • 100% U.S.-based identity theft restoration assistance
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Dark web and internet monitoring with ability to track multiple family members’ information
  • IQ Center featuring educational content
  • Checking account report
  • Opt-Out IQ for junk mail/National Do Not Call Registry

Confirmed identity theft victims receive an upgrade for their entire household to the premium plan at no additional cost. This plan includes these additional benefits:

  • 1-Bureau credit monitoring and alerts
  • $1 million ID theft coverage underwritten by AIG
  • File sharing network searches
  • Social Security Number monitoring
  • Synthetic ID theft protection

Activate your benefit for free at You can visit for more information. If you still have questions, call 800-637-5680.

Mark Gruenberg, editor
Washington DC / 312-806- 4825 /,

November 17, 2017

NEW YORK (PAI)—In what may be a first for organized labor, the Office and Professional Employees have gone to bat for their vulnerable members by rolling out a comprehensive – and very tight – digital identity protection program. The rollout comes as ID theft and worse increasingly hits the headlines and concerns consumers and workers nationwide. A PowerPoint presentation from
InfoArmor, which is providing the benefit to OPEIU members, showed 15.4 million people were victims of identity fraud last year, a number already exceeded with data breaches so far this year. OPEIU’s sponsored program protects against identity fraud and identity theft.

Fraud is worse, speakers on the union’s webinar about the new benefit said. But identity theft is bad enough, with 80 million people suffering ID theft from Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and even more from Home Depot in recent months. Identity fraud involves your name, address, Social Security number, driver’s license and other private data being stolen and used by someone else – and against

OPEIU’s sponsored program, with InfoArmor, includes 1-on- 1 relationships between a digital ID victim and a company “recovery advocate,” from start to finish of fixing the problem. Besides safeguarding individuals’ digital identity, the firm will also
monitor traffic on the web and on social media, both for its consumers and to detect potential dangers.

It’ll pay particular attention to compromised machines, surveillance of the Internet for “black market forms,” detection of phishing networks and discovery of exploited websites. It also monitors the major social media providers “and told Yahoo about its problem eight months” before the news became public, the firm’s presenter told OPEIU members.

And every month, each OPEIU member will receive an all-clear message – if everything is clear. If someone’s digital identity is compromised before that, the firm will notify the victim immediately. Besides acting against identity theft and fraud, the firm contracted with OPEIU to provide members with digital identity reports, to help members reduce unwanted Internet solicitations and e-mails, and to provide $1 million in identity theft insurance to cover such expenses as identity repair, lawyers’ fees and expenses for fixing compromised accounts.

“Everyone who’s a member is automatically covered” by basic anti-ID theft actions from the firm, said union Deputy Communications Director Suzanne Fenech. “If you want to go even deeper than that, you sign up.”
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