Your OPEIU Identity Protection Benefit Now Includes Family Coverage

OPEIU is pleased to announce the OPEIU Identity Protection Benefit has been enhanced with new services and stronger protections, including expanded coverage for your family living in your household.

Effective today, OPEIU members and their families will have access to a more comprehensive defense against identity theft through our new identity protection provider, IdentityIQ (IDIQ), still at no cost to you.

Starting today, all members should visit or call 800-637-5680 to enroll yourself and your family living in your household.

The benefit features state-of-the-art identity and credit monitoring, checking account reporting, and full-service identity restoration that includes insurance and lost wallet assistance in canceling and replacing credit cards. If you become a victim of identity theft, IDIQ’s trained experts will help you restore your identity as close as possible to the level it was before the incident. This can save you hundreds of hours of your own time and productivity. It can also save you money.

With the COVID-19 crisis, the country has seen an increase in identity theft. Your union has upgraded the already robust program to help members and their families stay safe during the pandemic and beyond. Additional features of this benefit include internet surveillance including the Dark Web, up to $1 million in insurance if you are a victim of identity theft, solicitation reduction to help eliminate those annoying spam calls, and fully U.S.-based customer service. You’ll also get a monthly email update to give you added peace of mind.

Starting today, all members should visit or call 800-637-5680 to enroll yourself and your family living in your household.

Canadian members please click here for information on all membership benefits available in Canada including ID Protection or call 866-295-7966.

Today you will receive an email from IdentityIQ with the subject line: "Welcome to IdentityIQ: Please Verify Your Email Address." Simply click the email to activate your benefit.

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