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Help Stop Anti-Worker Legislation in Michigan!

Not only is this legislation harmful to our freedoms as union members, but it’s entirely unnecessary. As union members, we already have regular opportunities to vote on who represents us as well as the rights contained in our contracts. And, we already have the ability to call for a recertification election if we choose to.

Forcing union members to vote to be able to stay in their union every two years isn’t about protecting us, it’s about taking away our freedoms and the power in our numbers.

They know this won’t be popular. That’s why they have included an appropriation in the bill, to deny us our right to challenge it at the ballot box, and that’s just plain wrong.

Write your Senator RIGHT NOW and tell them “hands off my union”, and to oppose this harmful legislation.

In Solidarity,

Ron Bieber

President, Michigan AFL-CIO

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