After a Lifetime Helping Others, OPEIU Brother Needs Help

After a Lifetime Helping Others, OPEIU Brother Needs Help

For his entire career, OPEIU Representative Mike Davis has been fighting for the rights of health care professionals. 

For the past two decades, he’s led the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association, and played a major role in creating the First National Guild for Health Care Providers of the Lower Extremity/OPEIU Guild 45. Guild 45 is the first professional union dedicated to protecting the rights of the nation’s podiatrists. 

Now he’s asking for help.

Davis was recently diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and is in need of a kidney transplant -- no small ask.

But it’s one that could save a life.

Davis is on the kidney transplant lists of both the UPMC in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, but the need is urgent and the wait is long. 

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a kidney donor, please contact Davis for more information at There would be no expenses involved for the donor. To learn more about kidney donation, visit or

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