From Process to Policy, OPEIU Opposes New SCOTUS Appointment

The Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), AFL-CIO, opposes and is mobilizing against President Trump's decision to nominate a new Supreme Court justice just five weeks before a presidential election. The process of nominating a new justice at this time is unsupported by a majority of Americans, and threatens to uproot civil rights and liberties most Americans consider foundational.

Beyond the process-oriented issues with nominating a new justice before the American people cast their ballots on Nov. 3, Judge Amy Coney Barrett's anti-worker record will further jeopardize the already unstable future of working families across the U.S.

"Judge Barrett has proven she is not a friend of working people, and her appointment to the court would immediately threaten the future of the Affordable Care Act, on which millions of Americans depend," said OPEIU President Richard Lanigan. "We owe it to those who came before and to those who will come after us to oppose this nomination."

Her successful appointment to the court will tilt its makeup even further in favor of corporate interests and against working people, and will uproot hard-fought progress made on healthcare, workers' and women's rights, and could prove the death knell in the fight against corporate exploitation, climate change and restriction of reproductive rights. In the interest of a Supreme Court that supports all working Americans, OPEIU adamantly opposes Judge Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court and reaffirms its call to the Senate to not allow a confirmation vote before the American people cast their ballots on Nov. 3.

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