Verizon Workers Need Your Help

Ten months of Verizon stonewalling and giveback demands, lasting through dozens of bargaining sessions, are forcing the 39,000 Communications Workers and Electrical Workers toiling for the telecom giant from Maine through Virginia to strike on April 13, starting at 6 a.m.  Support your brothers and sisters at Verizon by calling CEO Lowell McAdam at 908-559-7310 and telling him “Enough is enough.  Settle the contract now!” 

Verizon Strike Alert

Please Call Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam Today to Help Prevent 39,000 Workers Being Forced to Strike

Verizon made $39 billion in profit over the last three years, including nearly $18 billion or $1.5 billion a month in 2015. Yet the company is demanding huge givebacks from 39,000 unionized workers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts even though the union had already offered to save the company millions of dollars in health care costs.

Verizon is still demanding concessions including:

  • Eliminating job securing and allowing the company to force transfer workers anywhere from Massachusetts to Virginia for months at a time
  • Freezing pensions at 30 years
  • Vastly expanded contracting out of work
  • Gutting Sickness and Accident Disability benefits
  • Moving call center work out of the region
  • Refusing to negotiate a fair first contract for 100 Verizon Wireless workers who organized into CWA in 2014. No raises, no benefit improvements, no improvements to working conditions

And continuing their oppressive, bullying tactics of harassment and intimidation every day on the job.

Verizon says that due to a decline in landline service over the last ten years, wireline workers must accept substantial cutbacks to their standard of living. Yet despite the remarkable profitability of wireless service Verizon management completely refuses to negotiate a new contract with Verizon Wireless retail workers and technicians that provides any improvements in wages, health care, retirement security or work rules. At a time when the top one-tenth of one percent control more wealth than the bottom 90% of Americans, we cannot allow an immensely profitable Fortune 20 company to destroy thousands of good jobs and inflate already-outrageous executive pay. We need good jobs, high quality telecommunications service and access to high-speed broadband for all.

Call Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam at 908-559-7310 and Tell Him "Enough is Enough. Settle the Contract Now!"

CWA and IBEW thank you for your support and your solidarity in this battle against corporate greed.

This morning, working people at Verizon went on strike. It’s never good when working families have to take this step, but Verizon workers felt they had no choice.

They’re fighting to create a better workplace for themselves and those who come after them. They aren’t going to give up until Verizon ends its push to send jobs overseas, stops intimidating Verizon Wireless workers trying to create a better future for themselves and their families, and drops its demands to cut retirement benefits, gut job security and make workers move away from their homes and families for months at a time just to keep their jobs.

Click here to immediately sign our petition to tell Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, "Enough is enough. Settle a fair contract with working people at Verizon and Verizon Wireless now."

These demands from Verizon executives are absurd. Verizon workers helped the company make $39 billion in profits over the last three years—and $1.8 billion a month in profits over the first three months of 2016. But that’s not enough for Verizon.

The company’s greed knows no bounds. While the company continues to demand working people give back more and more, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam made $18 million last year. That’s more than 200 times the compensation of the average Verizon employee!

It’s time for Verizon to acknowledge that working families also have a right to do well in America. It’s time for a contract that’s fair to Verizon’s working people and the customers they serve.

Sign our petition immediately telling Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam you’ve got the back of striking workers and want him to settle a fair contract now.

In Solidarity,

Christian Sweeney
Deputy Director of Organizing, AFL-CIO

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